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Get Your Things Back

So, you loaned something to your “friend” and
are trying to avoid feeling guilty about
a potentially uncomfortable confrontation
when you ask for it back?

We are the solution.

You'll Be Returning All Of My Things In...








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What is this site all about?

We’re here to solve a problem.

We’ve all experienced it before.  You loan out an item (or even money) to a friend or a family member with the goal of just being nice to someone you care about.  Weeks go by and you’re left wondering, “Hey, where’s that thing that I loaned to my good friend, Steve?  Surely they’ll understand when I ask for it back.”

You casually ask Steve the next time you see him at that chic dinner party about the electric drill he borrowed two months ago and, for whatever reason, you feel guilty about it.  If Steve had been a friend, he would have used that damned drill for what he originally needed it for, and then return it.  But, nooooooo. Steve decided to loan it to another friend of yours – Bill.  And you don’t even like Bill that much.  Why would Steve loan it to Bill?  It wasn’t even his to loan it out? Plus, EVERYONE knows that Bill is kind of a fucking asshole, right?

When you finally approach Bill about your drill you didn’t loan him, the response you get drives you crazy.  “Oh, that drill wasn’t working right, so I sold it on eBay.”  What the fuck, Bill?  Seriously?

And, Steve, you have some explaining to do, too.  

But the damage is done and that thing of yours is gone forever.  

So, how do you solve this problem? Because I want my things back.

We take the stress out of asking for your things back.  Using our system (which is free and funded by advertising on the site), we will send automated reminder emails to the person who borrowed something from you.  Our emails start as friendly notices. 

The first notice sent to the borrower is kind and forgiving.  Just a gentle reminder.  There will also be an additional notice that tells the borrower that the owner of the item has ALSO been reminded, so the next time you see them, “they WILL know that you have something that belongs to them.”  

As the promised return date passes and begins to die from memory, our system will not forget.  The borrower will be sent out emails that become more and more riddled with guilt and shame.  “Why do you dislike the owner of this item to the point that you want them to feel uncomfortable around you?  Just return it already.”  And then, “Seriously?  It’s been three months.  What a shitty way to treat someone who sees you as a close friend.  Just return it.”  All the way up to (and beyond) “This is getting ridiculous.  We’re totally advising the owner to file a police report, thief.”  Each time, the owner of the item gets an email sent to them with the exact text to the borrower, and an indication that it was sent.

Tell me more about the method of signing up.
We employ the L.E.A.H. System, inspired and created due to real events that seem to happen regularly to our friend (and lady who returns things when she borrows them), Leah Lacey.

The L.E.A.H. System is comprised of four steps.  

L – List your item that you are loaning out on our website.  While there are multiple fields to fill in, you will only need to fill in “Item Being Loaned Out,” “Owner Of The Item,” (an email address that is confirmed by our system), “Borrower Of The Item” (another confirmed email address), and the date the borrower promises to return the item.  Once the item is submitted, move on to…
E – Enable the notices.  This is simply activating the item and allowing our system to do the heavy lifting.  It simply involves both parties confirming that the exchange/loan of the item did, indeed, take place.  
A – Allow notification emails via a white list on your email client.  This prevents anyone from claiming that messages went to their SPAM boxes.  We highly advise you to confirm, verbally, that the borrower has received the initial email and we are whitelisted.  If anything goes to SPAM at that point, it’s on the borrower.
H – Hope to God that asshole actually returns what they borrowed. 

Great! I'm in!

Joy of joys!

Be sure to input your name and email in the form above so we can let you know when the site is ready to go!  Anticipated launch is February 2018.